" SKR Consulting provides support to start-ups and small companies in the form of

advice or financing. "


SKR Consulting was founded in Februrary 2014 with the goal of providing support to start-ups and small companies in the form of advice or financing. Our aim is to help entrepreneurs transform an idea into a valid business concept. Sometimes it takes financing, but often, an outside opinion is enough to solidify a good concept into a profitable model.







We provide strategic consulting

to new ventures or existing companies to support corporate finance efforts, including fund raising, mergers and acquisitions and investor pitch preparation (business plan drafting, financial forecasting, pitch coaching, etc).

In some cases, we will prepare all necessary steps for fund raising and we will only get paid if succesfull, in cash or in equity.

SKR Consulting also has the ability to participate in early rounds of financing on certain projects. We are looking for projects that have a strong disruptive impact on their respective industries.





Financial Director

SKR Consulting was founded by David Sikorsky. David has been an active entrepreneur for the past 12 years, co-managing New Access SA in Geneva, a leader in banking software. Prior to New Access, David was active in Corporate Finance, at Quest Partners and in Private Banking at CCF Private Bank (Suisse). David started his career in New York, as a Research Analyst at Morgan Stanley, during the last phases of the dot.com bubble.


Currently, David is active on the Board

of several companies, including SKR Consulting, Planet Intus and Domosafty.


He holds a BA from Brown University,

in Rhode Island.

Alexandre Egloff joined SKR Consulting as Chief Financial Officer in May 2016.


Alexandre was the Head of Finance that supported the growth strategy of New Access Group. More recently, Alexandre has worked for over 10 years in various Companies of Finance (Family Office, Fiduciaries and Banks).




Cytegic’s next generation security analytics and cybersecurity intelligence solution enables organizations to proactively prepare their defenses against emerging threats based on an automated review of their security infrastructure and contextualized threat intelligence.


DomoSafety is a leading provider of behavior-based and medical data analytics in real-time to deliver preventive and proactive services to health professionals


Goodwall is the social network for high school students to tell their stories, discover opportunities, win scholarships and get recognized by universities.


investiere is a leading European online startup investment platform for private investors. Approved investors have the opportunity to browse through pre-selected investment proposals and invest in the startups of their choice. In 2013 alone investiere raised CHF 5.1 million for 8 promising startups. investiere’s highly efficient and standardized online investment process facilitates a smooth and hassle-free financing round for the entrepreneur as well as for investors.


Nanorep is an innovative provider of self-service, virtual assistants, and smart bot solutions for customer service and e-commerce.

Nanorep harnesses Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities combined with patented Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology to create ready-to-use solutions that make self-service engaging and intuitive for a conversational experience.


New Access group is a leader in the banking software industry. It is specialized in banking relationship management with Branch®, in asset and advisory management with Equalizer II, in electronic document management with Logical Access® Suite, in generation of clients’ reports with Xeres and legal documents with Docs. As of today, New Access employs close to a hundred people and its solutions are installed in more than 120 sites in 19 countries.


Planet Intus allows smartphone users to benefit from new indoor location positioning technologies. Planet Intus supports large venues in implementing the proper infrastructure to localize smartphone users and introduces an innovative partnership-based business model to derive new revenues from tenants.


With wezzoo, share live local weather observation with the crowd,

add great pictures and discover realtime weather maps all around the world.

" Divide each difficulty into as many parts as

is feasible and necessary to resolve it. "

Descartes, Discours de la méthode



SKR Consulting SA

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david.sikorsky@skrconsult.com or alexandre.egloff@skrconsult.com


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